Every adventure requires a first step.

Escape from Wonderland

The first escape room you will not want to escape from.

In the city center of Leiden lies Wonderland. A magical place where animals wear clothes, flowers bloom in the most outrageous colors, gumballs rain from the skies and it is always tea time. An amazing world filled with crazy creatures and exciting puzzles. Let yourself be whisked away on a beautiful adventure in this wonderful world. But be careful not to lose track of time, or you might never want to leave again.

The story

Once upon a time… a young woman walked into a strange hole in the wall and disappeared without a trace. Shocked eyewitnesses immediately alarmed the authorities, who started a big rescue operation. Using shovels and digging machines, a rescue team started looking for the young woman. Sadly, she was nowhere to be found. The only thing the team uncovered was a mysterious network of corridors hidden behind the wall.

It didn’t take long for people to find out that there seemed to be strange forces at work in this secret labyrinth. It was even whispered that the corridors led to a passage to a strange and magical realm. Since then, multiple expeditions, rescue teams and adventurers have tried to penetrate this wonderous land. Sadly, none of them ever returned, including the young woman.


Book your escape below! Escape from Wonderland is suited for groups of 2 to 6 persons, with a minimum age of 15 years. For 115,- euros, you and your teammates will get an hour to escape the room.

Do you want to make a reservation less than 24 hours in advance? Please give us a call. We might just have a timeslot available.

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    Escape from Wonderland




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    One of the best! Atmospheric this is one of the best escape rooms I’ve done, and it had some very unexpected twists. Definitely worth a recommendation!
    Floor Coert
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    Beautifully made escape room that offers a marvelous adventure. Never before did I visit an escape room with this much eye for detail... I would urge people to follow the white rabbit and marvel at the beauty of Wonderland.
    @escape talk
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    So much fun and suspense! You really dive into a different, beautiful world. But just as important: The puzzles are fun, very original, neither too easy nor too difficult.
    Ivo Fokkema
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    Very nice escaperoom in Leiden, available in Dutch and English. Puzzles are fun and very diverse and the amazing attention to detail alone make it already worth a 5 star rating... it's all a great experience!
    Alex L
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    Why escape? Could I rent it and live there? 😉 Awesome place! There's really no reason to escape except for the fact that it's the name of the game! Hosts are great, everything looks amazing and the puzzles are a fun challenge!

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