Terms & Conditions

This document contains the Terms & Conditions which are applicable to anyone who participates in the game activity of Escape from Wonderland. By completing your reservation through our website, you automatically agree with these Terms & Conditions.

The time confirmed on your reservation is the start time of your escape. We kindly ask you to be at our location 15 minutes in advance for a small introduction. When you are too late, you cannot participate in the game and no restitution will be paid.

The Game
Participation is possible for groups from 2 to 6 persons. The game activity is suited for people from the age of 15 and older. Children younger than 15 years old can only participate under adult supervision. The duration of the game is 60 minutes. The access door of the room will be locked behind you. In case of an emergency, you are always able to stop the game and open the door manually by pressing an emergency button. During the game, the room is under constant camera supervision.

Drugs, Alcohol and Safety
Guests who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied access to the game activity.

Responsibility & Liability
Escape from Wonderland is not responsible for damages to your personal belongings. Mobile phones, coats and bags cannot be taken with you into the room. You can leave them safely in our waiting area.

Own Risk
Participation in our game activity is at your own risk. Escape from Wonderland cannot be held accountable for any damages to your body or clothing during your visit at our location.

Escape from Wonderland has the right to charge you for any damages caused by you or your party during your visit. In case of theft, the police will be informed without exception.